It does not matter how much time and effort
you put into something to perfect it by the end of the day,
everything is up to God.
We spent 2 years working on this product sourcing fabric and
importing fabric from different countries. We finally got the
skirt right after trial and error of sampling and spent good
money on the highest quality fabric. Once the final draft was
sent to production our incredible team based in the USA put
together the most beautiful skirts and added tag labels and
ironed on the skirt labels. Once that was done our first and
biggest batch of skirts was shipped to us in Miami with UPS.
A few days later we check the tracking and nothings
changed, we waited another two days and realized
something was wrong and we needed to call UPS. Once we
called we found out the entire shipment was lost!!
We filed a claim and so far it's been a month with no updates
on the lost shipment. We accepted that this was a loss and
we couldn't wait any longer for the skirts to appear so we
needed to do another batch of skirts. Obviously at this point
the bumps in the road just kept happening and we didn't
know whether to laugh or cry, our factory informed us there
was a miscalculation and they did not have enough fabric to
make another bulk order of the skirts and they would only be
able to make a quarter of the quantity we asked.
So now we are like, "ok we need to order more fabric ASAP!"
We reach out to the fabric factory asking for them to send us
another order of fabric to which they responded there is a
heavy delay and we won't receive the new fabric until JUNE!
Which is in a little over a month when we needed the fabric
So it is what it is and we tried our
very best but some delays are unavoidable.
We are being incredibly transparent with you
guys for your benefit. We are STILL launching
with the skirts BUT, we are only launching a
quarter of inventory instead of the full inventory
we had anticipated. With that being said if the
slip skirts is something you feel you need and
you cannot wait until June then we suggest you
shop the launch and not wait!!
Thank you all for your support and taking the
time to read this!!!
This is just a friendly reminder that we don't run
the world no matter how planned and organized
we think we are!

- Chagit and Chani