I posted this Instagram story (swipe right to see what I wrote)
almost a year ago. It's crazy to see how much work we've put
into this over the last two years.
On this day we went to the city's fabric district thinking the
fabric we needed to create this concept would be easy and
we would be in and out within an hour. We had only ONE
thing to get here! 5 hours later and over 20 store owners and
fabric wholesalers telling us they don't have what we are
looking for. At this point, We felt so burnt out!
I got home that night with literally nothing to work with and
was at such a dead end. At 10pm I decided I am not getting
up from this computer till I have something to work with or
some manufacturer to help create or source the fabric we
needed. I spent over 3 hours researching and creating a
proper spreadsheet that night. The rest of the week went this
way, as well as the next few months. In the process of trying
to find the right suppliers, sampling, and testing tons of
fabrics to help create what we have today!
Proud and excited to say WE DID NOT GIVE UP!